Some questions I get once in a while. I always respond to emails but sometimes I get bounce backs and I feel bad for people thinking I’m ignoring them and I’m not at all. I’ll add questions and answers time to time that I may get.


Q. How often do I update this site?

A. As often as possible honestly. Also if you have information I don’t I would love it if you could pass it along. I honestly don’t purchase every product so no question I’m going to miss out on some addresses.

Q. Are you guaranteed to get at least a base card for sending in, or is it only for the inserts at stated odds?

A. You are guaranteed nothing at all.  I would imagine they only set a certain amount of a product aside for NPN requests and depending on how many they receive is likely a good indication if you will get anything back or not.


Q.  Can I send to both Hobby and Retail addresses of the same product or does one cancel the other out?

A. I don’t know the true answer but I have sent to both and have received cards in return.  It is very possible it was just an oversight and I slipped by or they honestly don’t care.  So it all depends if you want to risk it or not.


Q. How many times are you allowed to enter via the Upper Deck NPN Site?

A. Again I don’t know for sure I would just make sure you don’t enter the same one twice in the same day.  I personally enter every other day so like Monday, Wednesday, Fridays.  Again just what I do does it increase or decrease my odds? Beats me but it doesn’t appear to be hurting my odds any.

This isn’t really a question but always make sure when sending the deadline hasn’t passed.  I usually try to remove them or note it but at times I do lose track or leave them up for reference purposes only.