No Purchase Necessary

Updates come infrequent at times.  I also can’t always verify  if the information is correct so I apologize if you do get a return as non deliverable.  I could copy word for word on the wrapper and at times myself had some comeback unsure of why.



Yeah you can tell slow updating.   I just don’t purchase every product available and unless I find the information it will not get posted.  If by chance you know of one feel free to pass it along!

Thanks! 🙂

Been having issues with it and just isn’t worth the hassle. I apologize for those that were interested.

If by chance you are trying to contact me via site contact me section it may or may not work at all times or if it does I may not be able to respond. I’m always available via Twitter though @NPNCards. Sorry for any inconvenience. I do appreciate the emails and always read them.

If you happen to get a crazy NPN return you just want to show off?  You can always join these forums and show it off to other collectors. I briefly had a forum on my site but it started to become more of a headache with the spam that I was getting.  I linked just to the NPN section but wide variety to talk about and discuss not just NPN returns. So check it out join and meet fellow collectors!




Highlights the one pretty big hit via Upper Deck NPN. 1 of 1 Marvel Sketch card. Even if you are not a fan you can’t deny sending this away via NPN is pretty sweet.

For those interested in Cryptozoic cards like Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead to name a few check the link on the blogroll to the side of the page for how you can request an NPN from Cryptozoic restricted to US only, except individuals who reside in Arizona, Florida, New York, and Rhode Island. -Edit- 8/15/13 Possible they allow now just read the rules for yourself at the time of this post restrictions above applied.

Good luck!!